For a few years Lego were gravitating more toward large single-purpose pieces (gradually becoming more and more like Mega Blocks, ugh). Circa 2011-2012 they started backing off from that. While not "general purpose" their "Chima" line has a lot of small, versatile pieces. And AFAIK they never stopped selling buckets… » 11/22/14 7:27pm Yesterday 7:27pm

Any women in show business or with family connections to show business also had their careers or the careers of others to think about, if they had tried to make those accusations in a time when powerful show business figures could get away with just about anything, and rape wasn't taken as seriously. » 11/20/14 10:28pm Thursday 10:28pm

Steam turbines, which are continually relieving the pressure generated; as opposed to Steampunk pistons, steam rockets, and basically magic, which would mostly require materials that do not exist in order to hold sufficient pressure to do what is depicted.

» 11/20/14 9:16am Thursday 9:16am